Frequently answered Questions:

  • Is your honey raw?
    Yes. All our honey is extracted in a way that minimises overheating to preserve the natural properties of the honey. Our honey is not pasteurised or ultra-fine filtered.  We also do not add anything extra to our honey – it is the real deal.
  • Why does my honey granulate or crystallize?
    Crystallizing honey is a natural process that happens with most raw honeys. Some honey varieties crystallize faster than others, some form larger crystals that produce a grainy texture, some have very fine crystals and feel smooth, some crystallisation settles in the bottom of the jar and leaves a layer of liquid honey on the top – all of these are perfectly normal forms of honey and won’t affect the quality of the honey.
    Crystallization is a natural chemical process and depends on the glucose to fructose ratio which varies depending on the floral types in the honey and also the storage temperature. Glucose has whiter crystals that can stand out and fructose tends to be darker and liquid.
    Another interesting fact is that the quicker honey crystallises the finer the crystals tend to be.
  • How can I decrystallise my honey?
    You can remove crystallisation by gently warming the honey in a water bath but be extra careful to not overheat it - long and slow is better. As a ballpark figure, heating honey above 40°C will have a negative impact on the nutritional quality and natural benefits of honey as it can destroy vitamins, minerals, pollen, enzymes and antioxidants.