Our Honey

Real Raw Honey

We take utmost care to extract our honey with minimal heat to preserve the natural properties of the honey. Our honey is not pasteurised or ultra-fine filtered.  We also do not add anything extra to our honey – it is the real raw deal.

Our bees forage predominantly in the remote natural bush of the Marlborough Sounds. We do not shift our hives. They are placed in permanent locations, which is gentler on the bees. Relocation means bees can get lost or die, and we also do not wish to expose our bees to chemicals, commonly found in orchards.

Our main varieties are Kamahi, Kanuka and Manuka honey crops with smaller amounts of other native bush plants like Rangiora, Five Finger, and Lotus.
The honey varieties very much depend on the area, weather conditions and also on the flowering season.

Once the honey is harvested it is processed in our modern extraction plant, homogenised and then tested by an accredited laboratory to ensure it meets all New Zealand food safety requirements set out by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI).

We sell in bulk and reserve a small amount for our own Sherrington Honey brand.